March 26, 2011

It’s a small world

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Speaking of BassooneryColin Barrett, I had a small-world experience with him awhile back. Back when I worked for Google, I would go to the mothership out in Mountain View a couple of times a year. At Google I had met AnneKate™ Halsall, one of the webmasters. Together we launched a pretty difficult project, which forged one of those friendships in adversity and shared pain and suffering. On one of my Google visits, I was lamenting the lack of good Mexican food back home in Leechburg.  The closest Mexican was a Taco Bell 5 miles away. AnneKate said “let’s go to this great hole-in-the wall Taqueria. They have awesome burritos.” I’m always up for burritos. Colin met us there.

While waiting for the goodies to arrive, we started chatting.  Colin and I have hung out on IRC and exchanged email and technical questions, but hadn’t met in person, in general knowing each other by reputation. Somehow the discussion got turned towards music, leading to the inevitable “what do you play” question.”  Oh, trombone and bassoon. Not many people know about the bassoon”, which is true. During instrument petting zoos, instrument demonstrations, or just being out in public with it, people go “what is that thing? Is that legal?” Turns out Colin’s dad is principal bassoon of the Honolulu Symphony, one of the major symphony orchestras. So yeah, Colin knows all about bassoons.

Awesome! It’s great to meet someone who is actually familiar with the instrument, things like reeds, and so on. Turns out Colin is not a bassoon player (bummer), but has played violin in orchestras. After that we had a good afternoon talking music.

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